In the beginning God said let there be light to burn away the darkness.

On the second day the sky was born, a majestic canopy for the earth.

On the following day God sculpted the bountiful earth and planted it with trees.

With the fourth day God split day from night and blessed the earth with the cycle of the seasons.

Then God filled the sea with life and sent forth the birds to soar in the skies.

On the sixth day God created glorious creatures. Chief of these were Mankind whom he created in his own image. He blessed them, giving them dominion over all living things, to care for, to nurture, to rule.

And on the seventh day they say God rested but God didn’t rest. God left, or perhaps died. Judgement day has come and he has abandoned us, casting humanity aside like parasites, but there is still hope. Our fate we now hold in our own hands.

When science can heal the sick, shape the world around itself and give life as easily as it can take it, what place is there left for God. The world is cast into shadow, illuminated by the gas lamp when once the light of faith lit the way. Monsters and their creations hide around every corner. Where once the church hunted the Monsters now a three-way war is fought between Church, Science and the beasts in the shadows and as the turn of the century approaches it is becoming ever clearer that this stalemate cannot last.

The year is 1892.

Ripper Chronicles: Whispers in Rome

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