Ripper Chronicles: Whispers in Rome

After the Fire

by Sébastien Alexandre de Bourbon-Montpensier

Sébastien’s heart slowly calmed down as he lowered himself into the warm water of his bath and reached for a glass of Montepulciano. He was glad his bath did not use actual fire to heat up as he was quite sure he had inhaled enough smoke to last him a lifetime. Their initiation into the Illuminati had not gone quite as planned. Sébastien chuckled as the tension slowly left his body. Not gone quite as planned was certainly an understatement to describe a situaton that ended with the Vatican Archives on fire, the Head of the Inquisition dead and not dead, the Head of the Illuminati dead, and some ancient Greek spirit haunting the streets of Rome. At least they had acquired the information they were after. And anyways, Dr Dunbarton was partially to blame for the fiasco as he had withheld important information. It was impossible to solve an equation that was missing essential parts.

His mind turning to the beauty of Mathematics, Sébastien started wondering how De Torquemada had survived Violetta’s fiery wrath. No doubt the Lord had intervened in some way, but it should be possible to replicate and enhance the Lord’s workings and make them available to all humans regardless of whether the Lord favoured them or not. Hoisting himself out of the bath, Sébastien refilled his glass and headed over to his work station, his mind filled with theories and possibilities.



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