Ripper Chronicles: Whispers in Rome

Judge not...

The two priests staggered down the road, Father Vincenzo supporting Father Sensini. The two men were drenched and shaken from the evening events. The lord was truly testing them. Father Sensini fell to his knees and had to be helped to stand once again. Being nearly drowned had done neither of them any good but Sensini had had the worst of it.

“Come on Father. We’re nearly there. We’ll talk to the cardinal and get this whole thing sorted.”

“Vincenzo. I feel we may have made a mistake with this group of savages. They’re clearly deranged.”

“Have faith Father. The lord helps those who help themselves.”

The two men staggered on through the dark cobbled streets. A shadowed figure in a side alley watched them go.

“This is going very well.”



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