Ripper Chronicles: Whispers in Rome


by Sébastien Alexandre de Bourbon-Montpensier

Sébastien tried to focus on the schematics in front of him but his eyes kept drifting to the envelope perched on top of the desk in his new study and the name written on the front: Jean de Chevalier. He had not thought about his erstwhile companion in some time. Their last meeting had been less than amicable what with Jean blaming him for his hideous injuries and the failure of their joint experiment. Of course, his accusations were ludicrous and without merit, but had nonetheless carried enough weight to make things uncomfortable at the Sorbonne. Ultimately, Sébastien’s father had decided that a change of scenery would be good for his son (and the family’s reputation).

Despite this Sébastien bore Jean no ill will. It was only natural that a lesser mind like his would be envious of Sébastien’s achievements and genius. Nonetheless, Jean’s presence in Rome no doubt added another complication to what was already a rather complicated and volatile situation. Jean had never been the forgiving type.

Sébastien stretched and winced as pain shot through his left arm and shoulder. A reminder of his recent misadventures, it focussed his mind back on the task at hand. Just as he reached for his pen to update the design in front of him he heard a loud and demanding knock on the front door. Sébastien was about to get up when he remembered that they had a man servant now:“Andrej, get the door, please!”



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